Raw Organic Unfiltered Shea Butter


Product Description   Organic Raw Unrefined Shea Butter From Ghana- Ivory.   • 16 oz (1lb) of Pure Organic Unrefined Raw Shea Butter from Beauty By Shea is made with extra care to ensure you receive the purest Raw Shea Butter. Beauty By Shea Organic Shea Butter is double filtered, which means it is made [...]

Roaring Spring Paper Products


Product Description ~ Roaring Spring Paper Products is a 126 year-old manufacturer of paper products (made in the USA) such as notebooks and file folders. They are currently trying to get the word out about a few new products, some of which we would like to send samples to you for your review. As part [...]

#1 Rated Ultrasport Travel Towel From Shandali


Product Description Get the #1 Rated Ultrasport Travel Towel from Shandali for a Guaranteed flawless Yoga experience –Product Description– #1 Rated Travel Towel – MICROFIBER – Guarantee Bleed Free – Includes Hook NEW AND EXCLUSIVE TO AMAZON: Lighten your load and stay dry all day long with new and advanced microfiber lightweight material ULTRA-ABSORBENT & [...]

Milk Thistle Extract Capsules #MilkThistleExtract


Product Description ~ This Milk Thistle Extract Pure has 450mg Capsules With 80% Silymarin for Liver Cleanse, Liver Detox, Liver Support and a Powerful Antioxidant. There are 60 Capsules per bottle with100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Other important facts about this product: 1. Rebuilds Liver Cells and Removes Toxins. Rebuilding the liver cells and removing toxins are the [...]

Vacay Water Enhancer


Product Description~ Vacay™ is an all natural water enhancer that helps to relieve stress & anxiety, ease tension, and calm the mind. Vacay was created for people that just love to chill. It’s no mystery that just as many people like to chill compared to those that like to consume energy drinks. In our eyes, [...]

100% Natural Facial Cleanser Konjac Sponge – Pure White Puff #japanesekonjacsponge


  About ~ Our Japanese Konjac Sponge products are 100% natural, vegan, and eco-friendly facial and body cleansing sponge – made in Japan. The Japanese Konjac Sponge is well-known to remove dirt, oil, blackheads, dead cells while gently ex foliates skin leaving a healthy and radiant skin beneath. ​It contains positive minerals and antioxidant ingredients that help nourish and [...]

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) Serum by InstaNatural


Product Description ~ Youthful  //  Firm  //  Fair Skin InstaNatural Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) serum is well tolerated by all skin types! • Can be used on normal, dry, oily and sensitive skin. • Lightweight formula that gets absorbed quickly. • Achieve a youthful appearance. • Gain clear, smoother and brighter skin. Niacinamide / Vitamin B3 [...]

Warmables Lunch Kits #warmables


Product Description~ Warmables lunch kits keep food warm for up to 6 hours. a great way to eat food from home, stay healthy, feed your kids better food, save money and be a bit greener. pack food at 7 am and eat a warm meal at lunch time. see our website for more info   [...]

GoPro Hero 3 Giveaway Event

Welcome to another Blogger giveaway! Make sure to follow all guidelines of entering below! Good Luck! Welcome to the Clean Air GoPro Giveaway Event, sponsored by Air Scrubber Plus and hosted by Happy Mothering. We’re excited to introduce to you Air Scrubber Plus, a revolutionary new technology to help clean the air and surfaces of [...]

Ultimate Multi


As you all know I have been able to try some really neat Vitamins and Minerals Lately. This is one for sure that I am very happy with. It takes care of so much more than a lot of pills. I recently had a thyroid test and was worried what the outcome would be. Well it came [...]

The Essential Gluten-Free Cookie Guide


This cookbook is awesome. It gives tips on cooking gluten free, substitutions you can make, and other cookie making tips. I am happy to see how easy the cookie recipes were. I just love chocolate chip cookies and my husband is real big on homemade cookies. This book will come in handy for the holidays thats for [...]