Payback LTD Binary Option Scam Review 2019


Finally, at last what we have all been waiting for. Auto Trading Robot A Genuine Auto Trader that you are in control of.  Unlike other auto trading software’s where you click trade and cross your fingers and hope for the best.  With Auto Trading Robot you are in control so it can’t wipe your account out like other auto traders.



Hello, I’m Paul from Payback LTD Review. this is a review on a new binary options software called Auto Trading Robot. This is a pioneering software unlike anything else out there as you are in control of it. This has been developed so the Trader can be in control of their trades. You also can to leave this software trading while you are working elsewhere or even trading with other trading platforms while the Auto Trading Robot is Trading for you. With the safety of it not wiping your account out. After years of dodgy scam software’s that just lose your money and that have given auto trading software a bad name but now with Auto Trading Robot you can trade safely knowing you are in control.


Auto Trading Robot


With Auto Trading Robot you chose a strike rate so if you look at the currency pairing graph say for instance the US Dollar against the EURO EURO/USD.  Then chose your point where when the strike rate hits that point the software will place a trade. So, for instance if the highest point of that day is 1.08000 and you want it to place a downward PUT trade when it reaches that point. Then the software will only place a trade when the strike rate reaches that particular point. This way it reduces risk and puts you in control.

The same as the lowest point, so you pick the lowest point and chose for the software to place a CALL trade when it his that strike rate at the lowest point or you could even choose the highest point and the lowest point. Using this strategy there is a very low risk unlike with the scam auto traders that tell you there is a special algorithm when in actual fact they just place random trades and you end up losing this system works.



In Summary of my Auto Trading Robot, I would say that this software looks very good. To finally have Automated Trading software that you can be in control of, a Auto Trader that you can safely have running in the background earning you money without the risk of it keep losing and there is nothing you can do and a Auto Trading Software that trades and earns you money that you don’t have to sit in front off all day it gives you the freedom to be earning you money elsewhere at your day to day job or even to be trading with other trading platforms while Auto Trading Robot is trading in the background. Or even if you want to just enjoy life while the auto trading software is trading for you all under your control.

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