Breville VBM003 (Auto Bake) Bread Machine Review

Breville VBM003 (Auto Bake) Bread Machine Review

The Breville VBM003 Auto-Bake Breadmaker can be described as budget machine which comes with a number of functions which make it an attractive choice. The features include a digital display helping to make reading and setting the right options easily, different loaf sizes along with number or applications. Even though the machine isn’t considered the best available on the market, it is worth the value for many people and bakes a good loaf of bread. The buying price of the Breville VBM003 Auto-Bake Breadmaker is just £50, and is less than half the price of other machines in the marketplace.

Breville VBM003 Bread Machine Specs and features :

Here are a few from the popular features of the Breville VBM003 Bread Maker.

  • 12 diverse settings enable you to bake just the type of loaf that you’d like. Even though there aren’t as many programs as other bread machines,still there are definitely more than enough for lots of people. Be sure to check the program to be sure of your favourite feature before you buy the machine.
  • The Breville VBM003 Auto-Bake bread machine has the capacity to bake three various loaf sizes. This is crucial for those who have a large family yet don’t want to bake a large loaf each time.
  • The bread pan is dishwasher safe and that is a bonus, and the kneading blades are non stick for comfort and ease.
  • The fastbake feature lets you prepare a loaf of bread in under an hour. This is extremely quick, even in comparison to some of the costlier bread makers in the marketplace at this time.

What people say about the Breville VBM003 Auto-Bake Breadmaker

Even though the Breville VBM003 is a budget breadmaker you shouldn’t put it off, especially if you just need a simple machine to bake bread with. At only £50 it represents a good, middle of the range option. All those that bought the breadmaker were generally impressed with the machine itself, however the recipe book is probably not up to mark. Hence it’s a good idea to buy a recipe book separately.

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