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First Alert™, America’s most trusted brand in home safety and security, announces a new line of innovative products designed for pets. Recognizing that training can be one of the most difficult, frustrating, and expensive responsibilities of pet ownership, First Alert™ For Pets worked with professional pet trainers to develop a safe, harmless, and effective line of training aids to help pet loving families create a more peaceful environment at home. 

I was given the opportunity to try the First Alert Bark Genie ~

Bark Genie™ Automatic Bark Control is a safe, humane, and effective ultrasonic training aid that helps deter unwanted barking. With the ability to automatically detect dog barking, the Bark Genie™ emits an ultrasonic sound only dogs can hear. Its weatherproof design is safe for both indoor and outdoor. With a range of up to 50 feet, Bark Genie™ is ideal for nuisance neighbor dogs. Bark Genie is designed for use on any breed, and offers 3 levels of sensitivity for safe and effective bark control; SRP: $39.99; Available at Target
139This is great for indoors or outdoors. Wonderful for unwanted barking if you have your own dogs or a neighbors within 50 ft from where you place it. Having dogs myself I know how important it is not to leave them outside to just bark. Some people don’t care if theirs are outside and they keep barking. I think this is a great device if you want to control that barking. It is ultrasonic sound only dogs can hear. You can take this with you anywhere you need to place it. Hang it in a tree or mount it on your fence. You can set the sensitivity level for the barking. I could not wait to try it outside.
Our neighbors are one of those people who do not stop their dogs from barking. They leave them out longer than they should and never tell them to be quiet. Of course some dogs like to bark. I think if they are bored or lonely they bark too. We placed it outside on our patio and I have to say it sure seems like the barking has been to a minimum. Its been really nice the past couple of weeks I have had it out. So I think this is really working. You just need one 9v battery. No electric!
Do I recommend this? Yes! I think it works great, and I think this does not hurt the dogs in anyway.  Make sure to check it out if your looking to keep your dogs from barking alot or someone you may live near who has a dog that just won’t be quiet.

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